Two new online courses are on their way.

The Maths course, ‘Set Theory: Practice Problems(Click to go) features many questions which will help you get your grasp in one of the most essential topic for maths for higher education, the set theory. Get to know how to solve counting questions, power set questions and the most interesting of all, the proving questions.

The Computer course, “Java Code Practice: APCS Free-Response(Click to go) has 10 questions which present novel questions of comparable or even higher difficulty than which appear in the College Board’s AP Computer Science A exam’s Free Response section. Not only AP Students, but anyone with knowledge of Java Programming can avail this course and polish his/her skills in Java Fundamental coding to perfection.

These courses are available on the following locations, click on the links to reach there:

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Apart from these locations, the course content is even available on this blog, and sometimes even, those courses have some of their content here. Use the navigation bar above to go to the desired course, or use these link above in their course descriptions.